ReadWell eReader App
Client: Bookspan
ReadWell is a free eReader app that was developed for book club members from Doubleday Book Club, Mystery Guild and many others. The app synced with the member’s book club account. Once an eBook is purchased from the site, it automatically shows up in their app library on thier mobile device. I was responsible for designing the brand’s logomark, color palette, & iconography. I transformed a lowercase "r" into a simple, folded bookmark icon. Red was used for the logomark to give it a sense of energy and newness, while a white background for the app itself made it stand out from other apps on most mobile devices.
  • Key roles
  •  Branding
  •  Logo Design
  •  Art Direction
  •  Email Design
  •  Moblie Design
Working with Craig for over 20 years, I know him to be a smart & skilled creative professional who is a delight to be around. His combination of creative talent, design sensibility, and genuine passion about his work make him an ideal team member.

—Denis Kohler, Sr. Creative Director, Bookspan

Logo development
Branding color palette & typography
eReader app
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