BMG Columbia House, Inc.
Client: BMG Columbia House, Inc.
The main challenge of this corporate brand was to communicate the types of products we sold, CDs & DVDs. Since these two physical products look identical, I developed the icon to be a hybrid of both, incorporating an eye for sight (symbolizing DVDs, movies) and waves for sound (symbolizing CDs, music). I used a gray color palette to give a sense of stability to the brand while adding a pop of red to accents for interest. My goal was to create a clever, simple visual identity that was flexible enough to be strong, fun, and easily recognizable.
  • Key roles
  •  Branding
  •  Logo Design
  •  Art Direction
  •  Stationery Design
  •  Merchandise
Craig is not only a great talent, he’s a great guy. He always goes well beyond what is expected of him and delivers every time.

—Tina Cernero, VP, Creative, BMG Columbia House, Inc.

Logo development
Branding color palette & typography
Corporate stationery
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