TAW Distribution
Client: Bookspan
TAW Distribution is a direct-to-consumer fulfillment and distribution leader for various products such as books and DVDs. They focus on cutting-edge technology that automates the fulfillment process of order delivery. Conveying this process in an identity and website is certainly challenging. So, I began by creating a simple logomark of a speeding forklift ready to ship your package asap. Keeping this simple and graphic style in mind, I thought it would be more engaging for the website to have 3 playful hero animations that quickly tell the story of what TAW Distribution does in its facility.
  • Key roles
  •  Branding
  •  Art Direction
  •  Logo Design
  •  Stationery Design
  •  Illustration
  •  Social Media
It was very challenging to communicate what TAW Distribution does, but Craig was up for the task and managed to do it with 3 simple animations.

—Lori Palmer, Sr. Creative Director, Bookspan

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