Columbia House
Client: Bookspan
Columbia House is a club-based website that focuses on selling the hottest DVDs to members at a great discount. Columbia House is a product focused website and caters to members who are movie-lovers. I am the key creative lead for designing feature pages, email campaigns, illustrations, iconography, site hero banners, and sweepstakes contests.
  • Key roles
  •  Branding
  •  Art Direction
  •  Website Design
  •  Email Design
  •  Maintenance
  •  Social Media
 Launch Site 
I’ve worked with Craig for over 9 years and he is a great asset to the Columbia House team. There has never been a project, big or small, that he hasn’t put his entire heart into. He is passionate about design and is always open to collaboration. I am proud to work with him.

—Sujit Chawla, Sr. Marketing Director, Columbia House

Branding color palette & typography
Mobile Site
Email promotions
Custom icon sets
Feature pages
Social media page
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